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acrylic_sheep's Journal

Knitting with every fibre you fancy
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A community for knitters of all stripes and fibres
This community celebrates knitting with ALL kinds of fibre, and will never judge one type of fibre as superior to another. We love your yarncraft, whatever is was made from, it's your art work now, show it off!

Wool is a popular knitting material, but some people get a little sniffy if you perhaps try knitting a blend of wool and "something else". Some people would Never Consider knitting with anything other than fine, natural wool. This community isn't for them. You might have a natural fibre allergy, or prefer to wash and dry your knits by machine. You might find your acrylic scarf more comfortable, or just as good, or better, or prettier or more economical or just plain indistinguishable from a wool one! And even if not, we don't care. Knitting is for fun here, any balls will do!

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