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Another one out of the WIP pile!

Pattern: Turkish Stitch worked with two strands of yarn. I call it Arctic Scarf Mark III, as I knitted two previous editions long ago in synthetic yarns (Mark I in the mid-80s, Mark II in the early 90s) ... this is my first all wool version.

Yarn: Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Superwash; 3 skeins each of black (SW05) and brown (SW180).

Needles and Construction: Cast on 40 stitches and worked doublestranded (one of each colour) in Turkish Stitch on 10mm needles. Regular Turkish Stitch is a great lacy stitch for shopping bags, etc. ... worked doublestranded it becomes a thick, squooshy, warmth-trapping fabric. I love these long, wide scarves because I'm not fond of wearing hats, but live in a place where it's occasionally frigid enough that head/face covering is a necessity ... the Arctic Scarf is long enough to loop over my head like a hood and around my face/neck (can also be double hooded if needed without sacrificing warmth elsewhere) and still have long enough ends to tuck into coat front or twist 'round each other to hold in place. Then just unloop and wear Doctor Who style if a chinook blows in during the day. :-)


Ravelry Project Page

Note: Several friends and co-workers have also knitted this scarf, after seeing my earlier versions, in various lengths and widths, just because it's so easy and yet the finished doublestranded stitch looks so complex. Looks great with two strands of the same colour as well as in the contrast version I've just finished; one friend used a strand of variegated yarn and a strand of a coordinating solid, which was a fantastic fade-in/fade-out effect (this variant is on my own to-do list for one of these days)
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