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Just in time for today's temperature plummet!

Fingerless mittens for a friend to wear at work (her desk catches all the "refreshing" breezes when the shipping doors are open) ... she can knit back and forth, but hasn't mastered in the round yet, so bought the yarn and bribed me with a very good restaurant lunch. Second pair finished last night; local temps started dropping about two hours ago (definite windchill difference between arriving at her place this morning to deliver and leaving after a couple of cups of coffee). Was happy to do the job as I haven't made mittens before and wanted some thumb technique practice before tackling the stranded pair I covet for myself.

Yarn: Diamond Tempo (75% acrylic, 25% wool, machine-washable) in light gray and in a darker, more conifer-like green (this pair was finished and delivered in September) than currently listed on their site. The gray colourway, interestingly, has a blueish tinge in incandescent light and is closer to lavender in daylight; the green has aqua threads among the dominent cedar shade.

Pattern: Noro Fingerless Mitts by Michelle Molis. Free pattern.

Needles and Construction: Both pairs knitted two at a time on circular needles; green on 4.5 mm and gray on 4 mm to be a bit snugger. Followed pattern directions exactly for green pair, other than knitting slight longer 2x2 cuff and finger ribbing. Used Elizabeth Zimmermann's thumb trick for gray pair which made the thumb construction a LOT easier and smoother/continuous looking (just did a few k2togthers on "inside" of second and third rows of the thumb to bring stitch count back down to correct number ... this ended up making a nice "gusset" fit to the inside of the thumb base); also made cuff, finger, and thumb 1x1 ribbing longer than on green pair.


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