Darth Tigger (darth_tigger) wrote in acrylic_sheep,
Darth Tigger

Advent Calendar

I'm so very proud!

I've been knitting an advent calendar for my nieces, and it actually looks like I might get it finished in time to get to them before December! It's going to be 24 little stockings, which I intend to fill with sweets and chocolates and little toys. I've still got one to knit, and nine to sew up and embroider numbers on, but I'm nearly done and can't wait to share it with you all!

It's made of acrylic, because it doesn't need to feel lovely as it won't be worn (not that acrylic necessarily feels un-lovely!) and I wanted it to be fairly hard-wearing so it can be re-used next year. It was going to be a stash-buster, but then I went out and got a few new balls of acrylic so I could have more colours. Oops!

If anyone wants a go, it's really simple and I've put the pattern on Ravelry.
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