No Power In The 'Verse (trulybloom) wrote in acrylic_sheep,
No Power In The 'Verse

NOT an April Fool's Day Joke!

This 100% cotton worsted weight yarn is lightly scented - an exciting new twist for your knit & crochet projects!

lightly scented - no really

Just in time, I say! I mean, honestly, if I had to endure the foul smell of plain ol' cotton yarn for one more moment I don't know what I'd do!

Haha - hope y'all are as amused by this as I am.
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Oh why??? :-P
I saw this in JoAnn about... three weeks ago? It is very real!

Also, while I don't think cotton smells bad, most of them are pleasantly scented (one was a little - aaaaahhhh! - to me) and I think adding aromatherapy to the therapy of knit/crochet isn't a bad idea... :D And they weren't more expensive than the plain, um, cotton-scented ones. ;)
I haven't seen this in the stores yet - but, yeah, I did know it was a real thing.

Though, I know I can get personal deoderant, room fresheners, and candles in "fresh linen" and "clean cotton" scents - so I'm waiting for Lily to start labeling their regular yarns as "clean cotton scent."

The aromathereapy is an excellent idea, actually! Next they need to add "Aspercream" or "BenGay" to the yarn, to help ease people's carple tunnel syndrom from crocheting or knitting too much!
Ha, I think other manufactures should just start labeling theirs as 'fresh cotton scent' without doing anything to it! ;)

Or! Even just lotion or oils, because I know my hands get really dry when I work with yarn... :D If they can add lotion to a Kleenex, they should be able to make a yarn that doesn't dry out my hands!
Ooooh, that is awesome! I've never seen that before. :D