Darth Tigger (darth_tigger) wrote in acrylic_sheep,
Darth Tigger

How to knit a giganto-blanket

This is awesome!

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Wow! That's incredibly huge.
When I saw this turn up on my Flist, I thought it was a comedy sketch.. there was NO WAY someone actually made a huge knitting video.. and boy, was a wrong. Now I'm trying to get my brain around how much she must've paid for wool (and shipping).
"Now I'm trying to get my brain around how much she must've paid for wool (and shipping)."

That's where my head starts to hurt - I can't imagine how much that blanket cost! I'd love to do gigantic knitting, but even the regular 'bulky' yarn is expensive! I do wonder if you couldn't do something on this scale with fabric, though, maybe strips of fleece? On sale, or with a coupon, that's be a lot cheaper! Hmmmm....
strips of fleece IS a good idea- especially since now they're making fleece that doesn't shrink up horribly
"Slightly larger needles". XD

I think I'd dust off the knitting/purling backwards skills just to avoid having to turn the work. Knowing me I'd end up sticking the end of the needle into something fragile, or knock something over.
I think I'd set up two chairs facing each other, with the knitting in the middle, and turn myself round rather than the knitting!
Between wielding those needles and switching chairs every row you could turn that into a workout. :)
Genius! "Knit Yourself Fit!" I see a business opportunity for someone...
This is neat!
That's crazy! But it would make for an excellent tutorial video for newbies - if she slowed it down instead of sped it up (super easy to see how the stitches are made).

I would imagine one could make a crochet hook out of PVC pipe in much the same way, though I would think that would prove far more unwelding than the knitting needles.

Thanks for sharing this!